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A few days ago I wrote:
I did have several good interactions at cookout, though, including a geeked-out convo with another language nut. When he introduced us, I don't think that our mutual friend was prepared for us to spend the next hour ignoring him completely while we ran the gamut from Romance phonology to constructed scripts for isolating tonal languages.
I heard from him again today and it confirmed some of the ambivalence I felt at the time. I felt like I had a choice to make between flirting with the cuties (as the confident and conventionally handsome Older Me is wont to do) and geeking out with a fellow nerd (which Younger Me simply lived for) and that in order to be true to that geeky lost lad I still feel myself deep down to be, I had to choose geeking out.

I don't regret my choice (after all, we see where flirting with the cuties got me that night!) but this may be a lesson in trusting my intuition. Judging by the tenor of his message today (he invited me to "do lunch or dinner or coffee or something" and gushed that meeting me "was the perfect 180° and ending to that night"), I might have raised some false hopes. He also confessed to "awkwardness" with someone else at the party who he saw as potential date material after revealing a bit too much in a messenger chat, prompting the other guy to go silent, which ironically felt like a bit too much to reveal in a messenger chat.

Well, whatever. As long as I don't get too drunk at Pride North this Sunday and doing something dumbass like making out with him, things should work out fine. (I find him only passably attractive, but when I'm drunk that's sometimes good enough.) Hopefully there will be plenty of other less complicated options if I feel the urge.
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