Da (muckefuck) wrote,

Clouds of metaphor

It was so dark when I woke up this morning I thought it was at least an hour earlier than it actually was. I wasn't expecting rainclouds, and certainly nothing on the scale of what showed up. It was a huge storm system bearing down on us and I decided to get myself out of the house early in the hopes of beating it to work.

Right as I was on the brink of leaving, however, it began to rain. The radar showed a gap between this advance thunderstorm and the greater mass behind it. I thought I'd aim for the gap and took things leisurely. At one point, I even took my clothes off and climbed back into bed to read a bit more Fuentes (only 22 pages left!). But when I rechecked the radar, my gap had closed up and it was just rain, rain, rain until midday.

I actually considered just calling in and going back to bed for a little while. After all, I've got personal hours to burn before the end of the fiscal year. Unfortunately, I also have a ten-session training course this summer and I'm only allowed to miss one. So I resigned myself to getting damp and at least waited out what seemed to be the worst of it.

I didn't do too badly. The rain dampened my sleeves and parts of my backpack, but I stayed mostly dry. I decided to give up on the shuttle (since rain plays havoc with its on-time performance) and actually had decent timing with the CTA. The rain was even lighter from the station of the library. Then I got into work and saw that my training session isn't until mid-afternoon.

Ah well, at least I won't have to water the lawn tonight--which is good, because Hump Day is belatedly coming over. I'd prefer to have him tomorrow so I could spend this evening doing laundry and recovering from back-to-back dinner dates (Uncle Betty on Tuesday and Big Red last night), not to mention a coffee date yesterday morning, but this works better for him.
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